5 ways to shoot pro videos with a smartphone

Sometimes we see something that we want to shoot but unfortunately, at that time, we don’t have our digital or professional camera with us. This may happen to all of us. It is not necessary that we will always be carrying our camera with us but a smartphone is something which we carry with us always.

So, if you ever come across a situation like this, here are the tips and tricks which can be used to shoot high-quality professional videos.

1. Good Lighting

There should always be a proper balance of light, not more not less. Otherwise, the footage can be ruined. One can adjust the exposure in order to control the quality of the video.

2. Steady shots

Always, try to take steady shots. In order to take professional shots, always make sure that your hands are stable and footages are not shaky.

Points to remember while taking shots:

1. Set your device on the plain surface

2. If you are shooting a moving subject then make sure that you hold your smartphone with both the hands.

3. Get close to your subject

Move forward to your subject closely while shooting instead of using your smartphone camera’s zooming feature, as it can increase the chances of your footage being pixellated. To get more detailed and clear results it is suggested to get close to your subject as much as you can.

4. Don’t shoot vertically

Avoid taking vertical shots, usually, most people shoot vertically which is not recommended. The reason behind this is that most of the big screens like television, theatre, etc. are always horizontal (ratio: 16:9). If your video content is good and there are chances of it to get viral then the first thing which will matter is that if your video is horizontally or not. As it increases the chances of it to be shared more.

5. Always be prepared

There are several ways to shoot pro video.

1. Check for your smartphone’s storage

2. Ensure the battery level of your smartphone

3. Set the video quality to full HD

4. FPS should always be kept as high as it is supported by your phone

5. Always clean the lens of your smartphone before shooting

Thanks for reading, hope these tips and tricks are going to help you in shooting pro videos through your smartphone. Please watch the video below for a more detailed explanation with examples.

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