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A Night in Terror Tower by R.L.Stine

April 16, 2016


I had seen A Night in Terror Tower  TV episodes before I had read the book. The TV episodes were very enjoyable and I had especially loved the final scene of episode 1 when Sue and Eddie couldn’t remember their names and other details about their trip. It was this scene that had instantly piqued my interest in the story and had left me really intrigued. I was so awestruck with this scene that I just couldn’t wait to see the next episode. I am glad to say, the second episode was equally good and had made me happy. Having enjoyed A Night in Terror Tower  TV episodes, my expectations were quite high for the book. And I am happy to say that the book didn’t disappoint either and A Night in Terror Tower turned out to be one of my favorites in the Goosebumps series.

Title: A Night in Terror Tower (Goosebumps #27)

Author: R.L.Stine

Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks

Publishing Date: August 1st 2004

Pages: 144

Genres: Children’s Literature, Horror Fiction

Format: Paperback


From Goodreads: They’re baa-aack! Make way for the bestselling children’s series of all time. W/ a fresh new look, Goosebumps is set to scare a new generation of readers. Reader beware — you’re in for a scare!

All locked up and no place to go!

Sue and her brother, Eddie, are visiting London when they run into a little problem. They can’t find their tour group. Still, there’s no reason to panic. No way their tour guide would just leave them. All alone. In a gloomy old prison tower.

No way they’d get locked inside. After dark. With those eerie sounds. And a strange dark figure who wants them . . . dead.


I can’t say A Night in Terror Tower is a scary story or would give anyone ‘Goosebumps’, but, I believe the plot is very intriguing and contains several fascinating elements that make up for the lack of Goosebumps. Firstly, the main characters of the story, Sue and Eddie, are a delight to read. The ever observant Sue and the naughty yet resourceful Eddie present us with a typical lovable sister-brother duo. If one looks at the setting of the story, there is just the terror tower, the hotel in London, and the streets & cells of Medieval England. Though, the setting consists of only a few places, their vivid and elaborate descriptions makes us feel as if we have visited several places in real time. Also, the twists in the plot will definitely rapture kids & teens alike and are quite enjoyable to read.

The best bit about this story is its amalgamation of Medieval England with Modern Day England. Time travelling stories have always fascinated me and I have always found medieval atmosphere quite enchanting. Also, compared to time-travel in the future, I have always preferred travelling in the past, in the middle ages, when everything seemed so magical. This story delivers the magic feel quite aptly. I felt that the time travelling and medieval era setting compensate hugely for the absence of any scare in the story

A Night in Terror Tower is a good read for any kid or teen. Adults’ fond of reading time-travelling and Medieval Era books, who wouldn’t mind a light read may also enjoy this book. I didn’t really mind the lack of scare in the book, as I thought the story was pretty interesting and consisted of two of my favorite aspects- time travelling and Medieval England. Though, not scary as other Goosebumps books, this book scores points for being a novel and intriguing read.

♥♥♥♥♥—Rating: 5/5

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