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The Scent of a New Book

September 11, 2016


When buying books, like every other reader, I do read the book blurb, I do admire the book cover, and I do check out a few pages, but, there is something else that I do feel like doing when I pick up a new book, but, I refrain myself from doing it at the bookstore. It is something that I itch to do as soon as I lay my eyes upon a new book, but, I wait. I wait till I reach my home and only in the privacy of my bedroom, I carefully flip the book pages and take in the scent- the distinct and intoxicating scent of a new book.

As someone who loves to own books rather than borrow them, I have collected a decent number of books over the years. And I assure you, there hasn’t ever been a time when I didn’t bury my nose, literally, in the new book pages to smell them. How lovely is that scent! It is a scent that can’t be captured and put into a bottle (though, I do hear about perfumes called New Book Smell). One whiff of this scent and my heart knows that I am in close proximity of a dear companion. It is a scent which promises me a new story- a mystery, a fiction, an adventure, a fantasy, a humor, a horror, a plot- yet to be unraveled.

I am sure there are thousands of book lovers out there who love to take in the scent of their beloved new books. Are you one of them? Does this post remind you of a scent so sweet, so fresh, and so exhilarating that you want to dart to your bookshelf, pick out your new books, and bury your nose into them? If yes, then go do it, before the scent wears off.


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