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Holiday (Christmas) | Women's Fiction

Christmas Magic by Cathy Kelly

October 16, 2016

Girls love pink; this can be safely said about most girls on this planet. And everyone loves Christmas; this can also be safely said for most people on this planet.  Now, for me, I love pink and I super-love Christmas! And this immense love of mine for the color pink and Christmas, enticed me to pick up the Christmas Magic from the shelf at the bookstore. Seldom have I come across a book with such a gorgeous cover; a delicious pink decorated with radiant silver Christmassy decorations and a title printed in beautiful silver typography that promised short stories full of warmth, cheer, & festive Christmas fun. I was so drawn by the book cover that my heart ached to purchase it immediately. Thus, with high-hopes for some Christmas fun, I gave in to my temptation and purchased the Christmas Magic. However, once I had started reading this book, I regretted ever buying it; because reading the Christmas Magic was an experience I will never forget- an immensely disappointing experience, which reminded me of the quite popular metaphorical phrase- “Don’t judge a book by its cover”! In this case, quite literally.


Title: Christmas Magic

Author: Cathy Kelly

Publisher: Harper Collins

Publishing Date: November 2011

Pages: 354

Genres:Holiday (Christmas), Women’s Fiction (Chick-Lit)

Format: Paperback


From Goodreads: ‘Christmas Magic’ is full of charming and witty tales of life, love and the everyday dilemmas that we all face, all told in Cathy Kelly’s unique voice.


You know, what is the most misleading part of this book? The title! Yes, the title Christmas Magic would cause readers to think that this book is full of sweet short stories, which celebrate the heart-