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Hardcover or Paperback or E-book

April 17, 2017

In which format do you prefer to read books? Is it hardcover or is it paperback? Or are you a digital person who prefers eBooks over printed books? For me, answering these questions is a bit difficult. This is because I like to read different types of books in different formats. Let me explain.

I am definitely not a fan of hardcover books. Though, they are usually of a better quality and more durable, I have rarely ever read a hardcover novel. I have never purchased one for sure. Main reason- they are heavy and not so easy to hold up and read. I like my novels to be easy to carry around and lightweight. But, there are certain types of books, for instance, picture books- the ones with majestic illustrations, which mostly come in hardcover and are best enjoyed only as a hard bound book. I enjoy reading books with vivid drawings, paintings, or illustrations in hardcover format. But, I seldom read such books.

Now paperback- that’s my favourite. Lightweight and convenient to carry around. I always read novels in paperback format. I believe nothing can compare to the luxury of sitting back and reading a nice paperback. Speaking of eBooks, I read a lot of them. But, I read only educational books, cookbooks, non-fiction short books etc, (you get the idea) in digital print. These are the only types of books I willingly read in an eBook format. I have never ever read or wish to read a novel in an electronic format. Personally, I think, reading an eBook doesn’t feel like reading a book at all. To me, reading them feels more like reading a document and however pretty an eBook might be I have never felt like I am actually reading a book when I read an eBook. Hence, I never purchase kindle edition of any novel. For me, eBooks are only for various non-fiction topics.

In a nutshell, I always read novels in a paperback format, for educational books or non-fiction an eBook works great, and I read hardcovers only for illustrative books. What’s your preference? Which format do you like best?

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