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7 Reasons Why Every Adult Should Read Children’s Books from Time to Time

February 22, 2018

Children’s literature is one of my favourite genres. Despite being an adult, I am always delighted to read children’s books. Whether it be children’s picture books or middle grade children’s fiction, I like them all! However, I seldom find adults interested in children’s literature. And I am not talking about parents who read children’s books because they read them to their kids or authors of children’s books who read them because they write them. Rarely, I have come across adults who read children’s books because they are really interested in reading them.

I am not sure as to why adults drift away from children’s literature once they grow older. It may be because they cannot find three-dimensional characters or a gripping plot or massive twists in children’s books. Or maybe there is a simpler reason. May be adult readers don’t read children’s literature because they think that children’s books are for children and not for adults. Well, whatever the reason might be, I believe every adult reader should spare some time to immerse themselves into the world of children’s literature from time to time. Trust me, children’s books are worth your time and here is why.

 1. Good Dose of Positivity

One of the greatest virtues of children’s books is that they provide a good dose of positivity. You may read children’s books from any age group, but, you are sure to find lots of positivity. Children’s books always impart lots of hope, love, courage, bravery, strength, trust, friendship, and many more positive qualities and emotions. A good dose of positivity comes with every children’s book, which is sure to brighten your day.

2. Good Morals

When reading adult fiction, I am very picky. Personally, I prefer to read clean books from a wide range of genre. I tend to avoid negativity and search for books that ooze a positive vibe. However, not always do I find adult books that have good morals. And I must admit that even the books that I deem as my favourites don’t always have good morals. But, I faced such an issue with children’s literature. Pick up any children’s book and you will find good morals. I feel good morals are not just for children to learn and practice in their life, they are for adults as well. We can learn a lot of good from children’s books.

3. Exciting Plot, Likable Characters, and Happy Endings

Children’s books do have exciting plot lines. They may be predictable, but, they are exciting. And it is hard not to like the characters in children’s books. From the cute baby elephant Lumpy of Winnie the Pooh to our know-it-all Ms. Hermione Granger, I have a soft spot for children’s books characters. As for happy endings, let me just say this- They give us hope!

4. Beautiful Pictures & Illustrations

Not all children’s books come with pretty pictures and intricate illustrations, but, those which do are definitely a treat for our eyes. When reading adult fiction, it is great to use our imagination to imagine the writer’s descriptions, but, it is also a joy to give our imagination some rest and relish every detail of pictures and illustrations in children’s books.

                                                        5. Animals can Talk! (Animals have Human Attributes)

Unless we are thinking of George Orwell’s Animal Farm or Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, we seldom find animals that can talk or have other human attributes in adult literature. But, that’s not the case with children’s books. Animals can talk and perform every activity like a human does. Moreover, we also see how animals share emotions that humans share with each other. Children’s books with talking animals are a must-read for all animal lovers.

6. Quick Read

Children’s books are quick reads. Even if a children’s book is 400+ pages in length, you can still finish it in a short time. You don’t have to worry about complex English words, don’t have to bother about subtext for every paragraph, and don’t have to strain your eyes to read small font size.

7. Genres within a Genre: Lots of Variety

Each time I pick up a children’s book to read, I feel that I am stepping into a whole new genre. Children’s books are grouped not just based on the age-group, but also, we can find a variety of genres within children’s literature. There are children’s fantasy (The Chronicles of Narnia), children’s horror stories (Goosebumps), children’s time-travel books (Charlotte Sometimes, A Traveller in Time), children’s fiction (A Little Princess), children’s adventure stories (Famous Five, Secret Seven), and many many more. You will never get bored when you step into the world of children’s literature as there is always something for everyone.

The next time you are standing next to the children’s books aisle at your local bookstore, don’t shy away from Winnie the Pooh, Secret Seven, and Goosebumps. Pick them up and have a go. They do have treasures in them, which will enrich you for sure.


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