Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my Blog!

This is Subarna- a 20-something chirpy & cheerful avid reader from India with an undying love for books, reading, writing, literature, and all things creative. Despite coming from a medical background (I immensely love Medicine), I have always felt a magnetic pull towards the world of literature. My ardent love for the written word led to the creation of Pen & Notebook, a place where I hope to translate my creativity and imagination into interesting, fun filled blog posts. I wouldn’t term Pen & Notebook as another book blog, as here you will find posts dealing with a myriad of topics, though, in some way or other, they all would be related to literature. I am a proud Christian and hope to share my love for My Lord through my writing.

For long, I have desired a cozy realm of literature on the internet where I could spend hours browsing literary content and sipping on a hot cup of coffee or tea or hot cocoa. Although, I am sure, such places do exist on the web (apart from Goodreads), I decided to create my own cozy world of literature. I hope Pen & Notebook would prove to be a favourite for all literature lovers.

Please feel free to drop by and leave a comment. Comments are the only way I can get to know all of you and have lively discussions. I look forward to every comment and would be delighted to reply each one of them. Any suggestion is also most welcome. I hope everyone has a good time here!